Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Since i mentioned Christopher Columbus already he is a really good place to start. I wonder if the truth about Columbus was publicized as vehemently as the lies were would we really be celebrating Columbus Day? I think not!

The Real Christopher Columbus

In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue… to wreak hell and havoc on the Arawak Indians in Haiti and any other unsuspecting Caribbean islands he could find. Between 1495 and 1508 it is estimated that Columbus exterminated three million Arawaks. By 1515 there were approximately fifty thousand. By 1550 there were five hundred. By 1650 there were none!

Because the Arawaks welcomed Columbus and his crew and were so friendly and willing to share whatever they had Columbus saw the opportunity to exploit them. He ordered all persons fourteen years and older to collect a certain quantity of gold every three months. If they succeeded they were given copper tokens tho wear around their necks if they did not they had their hands cut off and were left to bleed to death.

Columbus developed an affinity for hanging the Arawaks but his preferred methods of punishment was either feeding the Arawaks to his vicious attack dogs or just throwing them in large fires and watching them burn to death. Columbus was especially cruel to women and children whom he allowed his soldiers to kidnap to hold as ransom while he worked the husbands and fathers without mercy until they died. Women were often used for sex slaves while they were simultaneously starved to death. Hence the total extermination of a people. Can you say genocide?

Columbus proved himself to be a murderer, liar, and a thief among other things yet The United States of America continues to recognize Columbus as a hero and his birthday is a national holiday. In the beginning I wondered how this could be, I don’t anymore. This country was built on the backs of and the spilled blood of Africans brought to this country to be bought and sold like ten cent trinkets in Walmart.

WHY is Columbus honored with one of our 8 federal holidays in the US when, (a). He didn’t “discover” us, or anything previously undiscovered or uninhabited (b). He never set foot on what is now U.S. soil. (c). His legacy is greed, theft, destruction, brutality, slave-trading and murder (d). It is offensive to Latin American, African American and Native Americans( e). Native Americans, who were already here and are worthy of a holiday; but still don’t have one… WHY?

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