This blog is all about education.  Originally I thought it would be about educating African Americans about our history that has been so cleverly hidden by hand of the ignorant and bigoted; but alas I thought better of it. I have come to the conclusion that everyone should be educated about the contributions of African Americans since the time of our ancestors being forcibly brought to this country. You see it is not enough for us to know who we are, everyone should know who we really are. Only when everyone is educated about who the African American really is can we begin to realize the respect our ancestors should have realized long ago.

Some of what I post may be controversial and disputed, it is not my intention to offend, however I will present the truth with no apology offered. It is time that we put some truth in the lie-brary. It is time that we know the truth about those so called great men in history like Christopher Columbus who was a lying, sadistic thief and others like him. Buckle up! the ride is about to begin.

If you don’t know from whence you have come,  how can you possibly know to where you are going?

And for that matter how can you know who you really are?

If you want to learn the real history of the African American in America read on!